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Every year the Pencil Art Society acknowledges, recognizes and honours PAS members who have achieved a certain level of skill, respect, professionalism and mastery over their chosen pencil media by granting such members the opportunity to apply for the title of Master Pencil Artist Status within PAS.

Any Regular, Life or Honourary Member of the Pencil Art Society may attain the title of MPAS by having distinguished themselves and the quality of their pencil work with the achievement of at least four of the following qualifications:

  • had at least one *pencil work juried into a Museum, National, and/or International Exhibition;
  • won at least one National or International Award for *pencil work;
  • had at least one Solo exhibition of *pencil work;
  • had *pencil work published in at least one recognized industry magazine or book;
  • had recent or current gallery representation for *pencil work;
  • given at least one workshop or demonstration to teach *pencil technique.
  • achieved signature status with at least one other art society recognized as one that specifically promotes *pencil art.

*please note that “pencil work” refers to the following pencil media recognized as acceptable by the Pencil Art Society: graphite, charcoal, conté, coloured pencil (used dry or with solvent) and/or watersoluble pencil (used dry).

PAS members may apply for MPAS only once annually, throughout the month of June, with accepted artists announced on August 1.

Applicants must submit a detailed application form, along with a portfolio of ten (10) of their best *pencil works for evaluation by an anonymous Jurors’ Panel. A non-refundable application fee of $50 (Cdn funds) applies.

If accepted and granted Master Pencil Artist Status, the member is thereafter entitled to add MPAS after his or her name, and also earns 3 points toward their Signature Status within the pencil Art Society. If not accepted, the member must wait until the following year to re-apply for Master status.

It should be noted that in order for a PAS member to maintain their MPAS title, their PAS membership must be maintained and not allowed to lapse.

For a list of all MPAS Members, CLICK HERE.