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Kenneth Pasley employs graphite and charcoal as his primary medium, giving the mediums a somewhat painterly quality through his self-inspired technique.  His formative years as a budding artist began drawing long before entering kindergarten by creating and re-creating various cartoon characters.  He spent many hours throughout his youth drawing on typewriting paper or anything that had a blank clear surface.  One of his earliest inspirations were illustrations by Norman Rockwell, but the true sense of realism was greatly stimulated by the great masters such as Rembrandt, da Vinci and his most inspiring artist, Michelangelo.  Their depictions of light, fabrics, faces, expressions painted with such intricate detail was something he attempted to emulate in his own works.

Kenneth attended the Atlanta College of Art where he was taught the basics in drawing and color theory and realized that his particular style and technique were not considered the normal manner, but later realized his results were considered astounding even by seasoned professors.  He often states that, “It is one of the greatest feelings as an artist to create something that has a profound impact on the viewer and communicates to everyone without the obtrusions of language.” One critic has described him as ‘A wizard with a pencil” and another stated, ‘although a photographic appearance is evident, but it arrives with great skill.”  He enjoys the time and energy spent on each piece by only using only the basic of materials to create elaborate works of art.  Later, Kenneth branded his work as a combination of the subject matter and medium which is known simply as Pencilife.©

His works have been exhibited in numerous museums and galleries in New York, Washington, Ohio and Georgia as well as other art centers throughout the Southeast.  However, his goal remains to reach a much broader audience both nationally, but internationally.  As an award-winning artist, he has been received various acknowledgements on both television and featured in local and national publications and his works are a part of both private and corporate collections throughout North America.

Kenneth’s work to him reflects family, life experiences and the places that he has encountered over the years.  He wants his works to reflect not only his experiences but also somehow touch others and demonstrate to everyone that beauty does not necessarily require a color.


One Mother's Story

One Mother’s Story