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a special announcement from the Pencil Art Society

The Pencil Art Society is thrilled to announce the artists who have been accepted into our second Online Member Juried Exhibition. 64 artists submitted a total of 159 entries! The quality of the work submitted was truly outstanding and our judge found the selection process extremely difficult. Congratulations to all those who were accepted, and we extend our sincere gratitude to all who entered for their enthusiastic support.

Stay tuned! We’ll soon post the exhibition on our website! We will then announce the award winners as well.

The following artists have been juried in to the 2nd PAS Member Juried Exhibition! Congratulations!

Carolyn Bain – Canada

Wilfrid Barbier – Canada

France Bauduin – United Kingdom

Susan Brinkman – Netherlands

Caryn Coville – USA

Maria D’Angelo – USA

Allison Fagan – Canada

Tanja Gant – USA

Sheona Hamilton Grant – Germany

Kathryn Hansen – USA

Sharon Hester – USA

Teri Hiatt – USA

Nancy S. Hilgert – USA

Richard Chandler Hoff – USA

Karen Hull – Australia

Cristina Iotti – Italy

Darlene Jordan-Pfaff – Canada

Richard Chester Klekociuk – Australia

Lyne Lafontaine – Canada

Nathalie Lagacé – Canada

Jesse Lane – USA

Manon Leclerc – Canada

Susan Leite – Canada

Erwin P. Lewandowski – USA

Janis L. Mattson – USA

Clive Meredith – United Kingdom

Barbara Anne Moore – Malaysia

Joyce Panadis – Canada

Alison Philpott – Canada

Julie Podstolski – Australia

Garry Rogers – Australia

Lyette Roussille – Canada

Gayla Salvati – USA

Cristina Serra – Italy

Suzie Tenzer – USA

Katherine Thomas – USA

Maria Villioti – Greece

Erica Lindsay Walker – Canada

Diane Wright – USA

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