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written by Lissa Rachelle Robillard, Secretary, Web Services Chair

Prismacolor Prizes for PAS Members

Monthly ​​Prismacolor draw for new PAS members

Manon Menard-Adams!

Congratulations, Manon Menard-Adams! You have been chosen as the Pencil Art Society’s winner of the March Prismacolor New Member Draw!! A beautiful Prismacolor Premier 60 Colored Pencils Set AND a Prismacolor Premier Graphite Drawing 18 Pencils Set will be shipped to you very soon! A big Thank you! to our sponsor, Prismacolor, for spoiling Pencil Art Society new members! Good luck to all of you who become new PAS members in April, as the Prismacolor New Member Draw will be ongoing until the end of July. Great things are coming to PAS — you don’t want to miss any of it!

2 comments to AND THE WINNER IS…

  • Diane Lowe

    How does someone become a member?


      Hi Diane, welcome to PAS! It’s very easy to become a member – just go to our “Membership” page. There, you can either choose to pay via PayPal (clicking on this link will take you to a membership application form to fill out) or you can download a printable membership application form that you can then fill in and send us by mail with a cheque. Hope you join us – there are a lot of exciting things going on around here! 😀